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A choice of three historically restored rooms, all with authentic antique furnishings and decor. Gain insights into the hotel experience of a Victorian era elite and enjoy the greater amenities of the hotel outside of tour hours. Have a drink in the saloon or a meal in the ballroom, and retreat to your suite for a soak in the stunning antique tubs.


Considered by some to be the most exclusive of the White House Hotel rooms, the Presidential Suite is rich in deep red textiles and ornate detail. The room boasts a wealth of natural light and direct views out over the railway and Missouri River.  



The Bridal Suite is a charming nod to Victorian ceremonial tradition. It is the brightest of our rooms with plush whites and quaint pink tones. Filled with natural light from its Missouri river views, the room is also home to an antique German stove along with several other antique furniture pieces. 


This stately suite is decorated with sophistication. It has a tasteful, distinguished elegance with beautifully crafted antique furniture. The highlight of this suite is the stunning 3rd floor corner suite views of the Missouri river, the meandering railroad, the Tin Mill, and the rolling hills of Hermann farm. 

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