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Take a tour of the White House Hotel: the "finest hotel on the line" and one of the best things to do in Hermann, MO. Fully restored to its post-fire revival, the White House Hotel is filled with period materials and furnishings, classic art pieces, and stunning antiques. There is a wealth of history to be explored! Step back to the golden years of the railroad and experience the luxury of the finest hotel on the line. The facility boasts a large ballroom, saloon, kitchen, 18 bedrooms and sitting rooms, wine cellar, and a prohibition speakeasy. A tour gives you walking access to all available rooms on the four stories of the building along with displays in each room with stories and information about each space. 



The saloon was remodeled in 1889, just three years after the hotel was rebuilt after the fire. The newly re-branded First and Last Stop Saloon celebrated its opening day on a Sunday morning, making sure to be closed by noon! The saloon is now acting as a guest lounge for our overnight stay guests.


The 75-foot long, pressed tin ceiling ballroom comes with many delightful stories. The earliest surrounds a "Grand Masquerade Ball" held in 1886. Tickets were twenty-five cents and the proceeds were donated to the German School Clock Tower Fund. You can still hear the clock ringing on the hour from Schiller Street today.


The kitchen is full of delightful antiques and is often one of the most enjoyed rooms on the tour. There are so many pieces in this room that you might not even notice that it is still a fully functioning kitchen, with hidden sinks, 220v stoves, and wash facilities hidden in and around the existing antiques.


You'll have to visit the hotel to see the speakeasy, basement well, and wine cellar. But be watchful -- the hidden entrances are easy to miss, you will likely walk right by -- or right over -- the entrances!


Each room in the hotel is unique, and  each is filled with its own stories and antiques. Aspiring politicians, princes, and some famous outlaws all had their favorite bedrooms and favorite sitting rooms for business or courtship. A tour will take you through all three stories of the hotel into all of the available rooms, plus the basement cellar and speakeasy.

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$15 Per Person

Our most popular tour option is the self-guided tour. Hotel staff will start you on your journey with a few minute walk through, then set you on your way to explore.

There are framed information pieces throughout the hotel that provide details about the historical significance of each room. Please see our policies page for all of our tour policies.

Tour Hours

Walk-in tours are available during festivals and some holidays.

Tours are available year round by appointment.

Please email to schedule a tour.


Fridays 4pm-10pm

Saturdays 10am-10pm

Sundays 10am-4pm

View any special tour hours on our Facebook page, and give us a follow to stay in touch about exciting happenings at the White House Hotel!


Schedule a tour with a local historical guide and get a deeper insight into the stories and happenings of the White House Hotel and greater Hermann. One of the best things to do in Hermann, MO.

Get in touch using the link below to schedule a guide.


Coming to the White House Hotel with a large group? We're looking forward to having you! Get in touch with us using the link below so we can best arrange your self-guided or guided group visit.

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